Sustainability in the trinational border

Posted on 10 November 2010  | 
Sustainability in the trinational border
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Seen from the sky, the Amazon seems like a vast and uniform green carpet, but up close the truth is very different. Even very small territories may harbour different ecosystems, Consequently, instead of being suitable for timber harvesting, a certain type of forest may be suitable for Brazil nut gathering, these are exactly the type of details that must be considered when determining the activities to promote sustainable development.

One of the most critical areas in this regard is the Southeastern Amazon Peruvian region located in the Brazil - Bolivia border. There, among the biodiverse forests, we find a combination of protected areas, indigenous territories and increasing human pressures generated by the Interoceanic Highway. WWF Peru works along with partners in Bolivia and Brazil, as well as with the population and local authorities to promote specific options for sustainable development that foster the conservation of the forest and the mitigation of the impacts projected by the constuction of the road.
Sustainability in the trinational border
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